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Total Defense

Total Defense



Repositioning an Internet Security challenger to connect with everyday consumers


Total Defense, an internet security company needed to differentiate its brand to stand out in a highly competitive market with larger competitors. After intense research, I recognized that everything had changed; from the way internet security was purchased —to the purchaser —to the value proposition. This change created an opportunity to disrupt the market with a new approach to internet security: “Security for Humans.”
I helped Total Defense reimagine their internet security products and repositioned the company with a new brand that appealed to a diverse audience: from Millennials to Boomers with a powerful product that was easy to use and easy to buy.
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Security for Humans, the new tagline informed everything we did. We set out to create a brand that was friendly, approachable and in-tune with what people wanted —worry-free protection from cybercriminals and hackers. This was in stark contrast to the industry norm that sold you the latest features with complex jargon that no one really understands. Do you really care what a root-kit, trojan or zero-day threat really is, or do you just want your smartphone, tablet or laptop protected from the bad guys.


More than just messaging. We led product strategy to ease buyer fatigue by simplifying Total Defense’s products around the user’s lifestyle needs and architected a tiered product hierarchy with a logical naming convention. We developed core messaging around real-life use cases and benefits, while pairing consumers to the appropriate products. For the more saavy shopper the features were written to easily allow the user to comparison shop with a clear understanding of what was under the hood. The voice and tone of the new brand inspired confidence without intimidation.


To support the new subscription model, product packaging needed to evolve from the physical boxes to sleek gatefold “wallet” packaging that when opened, welcomed the consumer with a clear quick-start guide and installation instructions. The soul of the brand was infused at the retail level with color-coded product displays that were clean, modern and inviting.


At the heart of the brand and the new subscription model was a new, human-friendly responsive website that was loaded with micro-interactions to facilitate the customer journey and inspire action. Everything from a simplified navigation to a clean visual design delivered a conversational brand story that made it easier for the user to research, learn and buy on any device, anytime.


Intuitive user experience built around persona defined user flows where architected around the user’s needs. From our research, we identified that people seek internet security at three core moments: when their current internet security product is up for renewal, when they purchase a new device, or when they get hit with malware and need help! Conversational forms, at-glance product scrolls, simple product comparison tools and smart pop-ups streamlined the user experience and personalized the sales funnel.


The online shopping experience was redefined with inviting product pages that were segmented to inspire immediate action above-the-fold, while persuading users through easy to understand features, organized systems requirements for advanced shoppers, and product ratings, reviews and testimonials to seal the deal. An elegant shopping cart made it easy to upsell and cross-sell users, while a condensed form made for a speedy checkout.
After their purchase customers were able to easily share on their social channels the good news that a portion of their purchase was donated to help rescue missing and exploited children.