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Tiger Direct



TigerDirect rebrands to increase B2B marketshare


TigerDirect, known as one of the oldest and largest consumer retailers of IT hardware and software products wanted to diversify their sales and appeal to a B2B audience. We were commissioned to reposition and rebrand the company to make a leap as the “cheap” consumer retailer to the strategic partner SMBs and enterprise companies can trust with their most complex IT technology needs to move business forward. As part of our strategy, we partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, to become our spokesperson to hep catapult the brand forward. 
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In order to truly differentiate themselves, we helped TigerDirect examine their competition, and undertook a rigorous audit of their current brand. We uncovered that they had no single, galvanized message that spoke to their constituency, since their entire focus had been centered around price.
We helped TigerDirect redefine a new vision for the future and anchored their new brand DNA around their new mission which in turned become the rallying cry that would unify the company around a key message that would define what they stood for and what they needed to do to win.
Our goal wasn’t simply to give TigerDirect a brand makeover, but to set the foundation that would evolve the company from a transactional model to a company that focused on delivering value and establishing profitable relationships through the daily delivery of their brand promise.


With the new “Do More, Better” brand in place, we partnered with Kevin O’Leary to create an integrated lead generation campaign that would entice prospect down a marketing automation funnel and reward them with premium content through each of their interactions. The content consisted of a campaign where Kevin O’Leary would share his Wonderful Business Tips. We created emails, landing pages, cheat sheets and a video library that users would access the deeper they engaged in the campaign.


Video became a huge component of our rebrand to help build trust and create value through engaging video content that prospects, customers, partners and employees could learn from and enjoy. We created a marketing launch video that unveiled the new brand, as well as hundreds of videos with Kevin O’Leary and his Wonderful Business Tips series. 


We now had all of the components and content that we used in our social media strategy to help promote the new brand and create maximum engagement across TigerDirect’s social media properties. We launch the new social media brands with the “Ask Kevin” contest, where users would be able to interact directly with Kevin O’Leary and ask their business questions and get answers. The campaign got great traction and immediately the participants engaged and won all sorts of cool things in the process.


With the new brand and marketing programs in hand, we developed TigerDirect’s partner program, demand generation portal and sales collateral to help them transition into a B2B technology reseller and nurture their relationships. We helped them create a tiered partner program, with a defined sales and onboarding sequequence with automation of follow up emails, notifications, landing pages, sell-sheets, brochures, call scripts, shipping inserts and much more.