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Total Defense gets a new brand that goes Beyond the competition


As a new internet security company, Total Defense needed a brand that would allow them to stand out and compete against industry leaders. After naming the company, I led a team of specialists to build the new brand anchored around a “beyond” the category strategy. While the competition focused on selling features and software, we positioned Total Defense as more than just internet security, and differentiated the company through a relentless commitment to protect their customer’s digital lives through a multi-layered offering of software, services and support that goes Beyond Protection.


To stand out in the crowded retail shelf space against better known internet security providers, we designed the packaging to look like “pentagon level security.” Sleek, with a masculine color palette —the silver foils and raised emboss attracted shoppers to pick up the product, while allowing them to feel the multiple layers within the shield.


The inspiration for the brand came from the layers of protection from the Roman centurion’s armour. After establishing the Beyond Protection tagline, we went to work on building a brand that would be known for their multi-layered approach to protect businesses and consumers from cyber criminals.


At the heart of the brand redesign was the eintire digital ecosystem. We modernized the company’s ecommerce website, product interface design, partner portals, email programs, landing pages, and social media properties.