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A legacy family brand needed a brand for the future.


Since 1938, Hutzler has been producing some of the best house and kitchenware on the market. Their products are recognizable around the world, but their name, and brand, was a different story. A family-owned and family-run business for over 70 years, asked us to put a face on their legacy.


We created the new Hutzler brand to bridge the continuum of innovation that connects the past, present, and future of the company. In the logo, the break between the “T” & “Z” represents a mark in time, well suited to the new tagline “Fresh Since 1938” —a three word encapsulation of the company’s over 80-year old history, their enduring commitment to innovation, and the practical function of their offerings.


We took Hutzler from a brand that created products to a brand with a mission: to empower families with the freedom to make healthy food choices. Insights from our research revealed the two main buyers were single women between the ages of 24-45, and “millennial moms” who wanted to be smart and forward-thinking about the choices they made for their families. We took this as an opportunity to define Hutzler’s vision as the brand that would “keep fresh food, fresh longer.”


To exude the “fresh” strategy we created packaging that evoked the airy simplicity of Northern European design practices —elegant, clean, and allowing the product to speak for itself.


Internal and external corporate identity was also a large part of our Hutzler mission. Business cards, letterhead, web and mobile responsive web platforms were all revamped in the new brand elements. Like their products, each of these assets projected an ironclad competence that was accessible and easily used by all employees to maintain brand consistency.